Rates are based on a maximum of (2) person occupancy.  

SITES ARE TO BE KEPT NEAT AND ATTRACTIVE.  (No unsightly items allowed)  Quiet time is from 10:00 pm until 7:00 am.  We reserve the right to enter your lot area at any time, fenced or not fenced.  Clothes lines require approval.  Please be considerate of your neighbor.  Only porch lights are to be left on after 10 pm.  Maximum (1) Vehicle (1) Boat or (2) Vehicles allowed. Speed limit 9 ½ MPH.


Coastal Hideaway RV Park is an adult only park.  Children under 18 are allowed to visit or be guests of residents up to 14 days.  The resident is responsible for all behavior and conduct of guests.  Guests must abide by park rules.  RV’s older than 10 years will require approval.  No AC window units.   No FEMA trailers.  Trailers must be maintained in an as new condition.  No open ground fires at any time.  Barbecues/outdoor grills must be ten (10) feet from any structure or brush.  No loaded firearms or fireworks are allowed.  Decks, Sheds, Canopies, RV Awnings or any other alterations outside your trailer need approval before construction/installing begins and may need a permit from City of Rockport.  These items need to be kept in good condition.  Repairs to components of you RV, i.e. air conditioners, water heaters, septic tanks, etc. must be replaced with the original factory replacement.  Any damage to RV or components including awnings must be repaired or replaced within a reasonable time.


All sewer connections must be sealed with a rubber donut or screw-in fitting per Aransas County Health Department regulations.  

All connections must be leak free.  We are on a Septic System, Septic Approved Toilet Tissue Only.  DO NOT DISPOSE OF SANITARY NAPKINS, TAMPONS, DIAPERS, PAPER TOWELS etc.  BLEACH, GREASE, PAINT, OR SIMILAR NON-DISSOLVING SOLIDS IN TOILET OR DRAINS.  These items are also bad for the Septic Drain Field.


An indoor pet is allowed.  All pets must be leashed at all times and never left unattended at any time.  Removal of your pet’s waste must be done immediately.  All pet owners are responsible for their animal’s behavior and containment.  ROTTWEILERS, PIT BULLS, GERMAN SHEPHERDS, CHOWS, DOBERMANS OR ANY OF THESE MIXES ARE NOT ALLOWED DUE TO INSURANCE POLICY.  All pets are required to have proof of current vaccinations kept in our office and must be updated when needed.  We reserve the right to cancel or refuse the allowance of any pet we deem to be aggressive or annoying to any other guests.  Pets are to be kept indoors after 9 PM.  Pets must be kept quiet as to not disturb our residents. 


All garbage & trash must be securely tied in plastic bags and placed in the dumpster at the front of the park.  All cigarette butts belong in your trash can, not in common areas or on your lot.  Trash should be placed in the dumpster by Wednesday evening.  ALL BOXES MUST BE CRUSHED.  All large items, i.e. bicycles, BBQ pits, appliances, leaves, brush, fish etc. are not allowed in the dumpster; it is your responsibility and expense to dispose of these items appropriately.  The County has a dump for these items.  The transfer station is located near the airport.


We are on well water.  Conservation of water is required.  Do not let tap water run when not needed and do not leave a hose running without a hose sprayer.  Using water sprinklers for plants and yards  are allowed with limited use, as outlined below.   If approved automatic timers are used, you may water a MAXIMUM of 30 minutes twice weekly.  Timer to be set to run between midnight and 9 a.m.  The Well is tested by the Corpus Christi Health Department frequently.


If we need to mow around your RV: all satellite cables need to be buried and all water hoses need to be wound up and placed out of the way, for liability purposes.  We are not responsible for damage to them.  The Park is not liable for damage to your RV, personal belongings or damages caused by you to others.  You are responsible for insurance coverage for any and all damages and our total losses.  Coastal Hideaway RV Park will not be responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property by fire, theft, wind or other acts of God.


No illegal drugs are allowed!  Excessive use of alcohol will result in immediate eviction. Police intervention will be used if necessary.


Trimming or cutting down trees or any other modifications/additions to electrical panel or water pipes are prohibited.   Oil changes or major repairs to automobiles or boats/trailers are not allowed on any site.  All vehicles must be in good running order.  No vehicles on blocks, at any time.   We reserve the right to amend or alter these rules at any time.   Eviction for failure to follow these rules will result with no refund given.  All eviction costs will be paid by the resident.  Only monthly rents with a deposit are allowed.

All of the above applies to your guests.  We reserve the right to evict anyone without refund.